How cold are the Smartice sheets?

As cold as a Polar Bears’ bum. Seriously though, it all depends on how cold your freezer temperature is set to. Like a Polar Bear, his bum will be colder if he’s sat in the snow than on a rock.

What is the best way to pack my cooler with Smartice?

For efficient cooling our recommendation is to interweave the Smartice sheet amongst your products or place around the sides of the cooler then finish by placing a Smartice sheet on top of your products. 

For items such as freshly caught fish, you can also place a Smartice sheet at the bottom of the cooler or wrap the fish in the Smartice sheet.

Can I cut the sheets to smaller size?

Yes. Using a standard pair of scissors, simply cut the Smartice sheet between the cells. We recommend doing this prior to hydrating and freezing as it is easier.

Is Smartice safe to use with food?

Yes, however as with all non-packaged fresh food, we advise that you wash the food prior to eating.

Smartice is manufactured under the control of a food safety management system that complies with CODEX HACCP & GMP.  The fabrics from which Smartice is made comply with USFDA Title 21 requirements for products in contact with food. 

How long should I soak/hydrate the Smartice sheets for before freezing? How often should this be done.

Soaking the Smartice sheets in warm, clean, water will hydrate the cells quicker and this should take approximately 20 minutes to fully hydrate from a new, non-hydrated sheet. Massaging the sheet under the water to help release the air bubbles, will also help the sheet hydrate quicker.

We recommend that the sheet is hydrated prior to each freeze to ensure maximum chill factor and prolonged cooling.

How long are they effective for?

A Smartice jumbo sheet that has been fully hydrated and frozen for a minimum of 12 hours prior to use, will provide effective cooling for up to 24-48 hours within an insulated environment such as a cool box.

Will the Smartice sheets make my cooler wet when the thaw out?

You may get some slight wetness from condensation, which is completely normal. However Smartice retains the water as it thaws out, so there will be NO watery mess like when ice is used.

What is the residue on the sheets after use?

If heavy items or pressure has been placed on the Smartice sheets you may find a slight residue on the sheets, this is completely safe and normal. Simply wipe away with a damp cloth, rehydrate and freeze again.

Where are the sheets manufactured?

Smartice sheets are manufactured in Australia. Smartice is an Australian owned and operated brand.

Can the Smartice Sheets be cleaned?

Yes. We recommend cleaning your Smartice sheets with a warm damp cloth. Sanitisers can also be used to wipe down your Smartice sheets. DO NOT use detergents.

How long will my Smartice sheets last?

The sheets last for years in an un-hydrated form and can be stored conveniently in a cool, dry, environment.

Once hydrated the sheets should be stored in a freezer ready for immediate use. Natural dehydration can occur over time so just repeat the hydration process and refreeze. Look after them and they will last you for years.