Smartice Jumbo Sheets
Smartice Jumbo Sheets
Smartice Jumbo Sheets
Smartice Jumbo Sheets

Smartice Jumbo Sheets

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Smartice Jumbo Sheets are recommended for:

  • Home and travel, keep your food and drinks cold and dry in your cooler. Ideal for your work lunch bag, days trips or camping.
  • Commercial Cold-Chain Shipping, ideal for shipping ready meals, fruit and veg, seafood, meat and dairy, chocolate and pharmaceuticals.

AUSTRALIAN MADE Smartice is a world leading, reusable, water-wise, and cost-effective alternative to traditional ice packs or ice. Smartice stays frozen longer than the same volume of ice. Keeps your cooler contents dry and intact. Can be re-used many times.

A very simple and environmentally sound way of keeping perishables and drinks cool and dry, avoiding the pooling of water associated with normal ice. Ideal for use in Cooler Bags and Boxes, and all forms of cold chain transport requiring temperature control.

The lightweight and low-profile design of Smartice Jumbo sheets allow for minimal storage requirements and lower transportation costs. Prior to preparation, each ice pack is almost as thin and light as a sheet of paper.

Additional Benefits

  • Large 45 x 30cm sheet, comprising 24 x 6.5cm cells.
  • Extremely durable, double sided film coating.
  • Flexible wrap around food and drinks or shape to suit insulated container.
  • Cut with Scissors for added flexibility or for tailored size.
  • Easy to Use - Soak, Freeze, Apply.
  • Stays Dry no mess or excess water when thawing, minimising contamination
  • Non-Toxic and manufactured in accordance with Food Safety CODEX HACCP
  • Long Shelf-Life no expiry date.



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