Smartice Ice Bricks<br>Pack 10

Smartice Ice Bricks
Pack 10

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Smartice Ice Bricks are recommended for:

  • Commercial Cold-Chain Shipping, ideal for shipping ready meals, fruit and veg, seafood, meat and dairy, chocolate and pharmaceuticals.


AUSTRALIAN MADE Smartice is a world leading, reusable, water-wise, and cost-effective alternative to traditional ice packs or ice. Smartice stays frozen longer than the same volume of ice. Keeps your cooler contents dry and intact. Can be re-used many times.

A very simple and environmentally sound way of keeping perishables and drinks cool and dry, in all forms of cold chain transport requiring temperature control.

The lightweight and low-profile design of Smartice Ice Bricks allow for minimal storage requirements and lower transportation costs. Prior to preparation, each ice pack is almost as thin and light as a sheet of paper.

Additional Benefits

  • Large 19.5 x 15cm sheet, comprising 2 cells with the ability to absorb and retain 200mls of water.
  • Cut with Scissors in to 2 cells
  • Easy to Use - Soak, Freeze, Apply.
  • Stays Dry when thawing minimising contamination.
  • Non-Toxic and manufactured in accordance with Food Safety CODEX HACCP
  • Long Shelf-Life no expiry date.



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19.5 x 15cm